SkyCrew Terms of Use


These SkyCrew Terms of Use ("SkyCrew Terms") are an integral part of the SkyCrew Terms of Use ("Terms of Use"), complemented by our Community Guidelines and any other documents referred to therein ("the Documents"). They are supported by our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. In cases of discrepancies between the SkyCrew Premium Terms and the Terms of Use, the SkyCrew Premium Terms will prevail for matters concerning the use of SkyCrew Premiums. Definitions of capitalized terms in these SkyCrew Premium Terms, if not explicitly defined, should be interpreted as per their definitions in the Terms of Use. Premium account features are exclusively available to registered users who subscribe to a “Premium” account. This section includes additional terms related to payment, contract renewal, and specific technical usage limitations, including the fact that the subscription can only be used on one active device at any time. Your payment details are handled directly by the Play Store and App Store, subject to their Privacy Policy.


A comprehensive overview of our services, pricing, and account features is available on the SHOP page of our SkyCrew app. All listed prices include VAT or other applicable sales taxes, as determined by the lay Store and iTunes Store's terms and conditions. Subscription prices are adjusted based on regulatory conversion rates and user country, with plans offered at various durations from one month to twelve months. Features include no advertisements, roster update priority, and several export and sharing options, with the premium account allowing for a higher number of maximum friends displayed and premium support, among other benefits.

The prices for the paid subscriptions are subject to regulatory conversion rates based on the country of the user, and are as follows:

  • One month for $4.99
  • Three months for $14.97
  • Six months for $29.94
  • Twelve months for $59.88

Each of these paid units features the following products:

  • No advertisement
  • Roster Update Priority
  • Export to Calendar
  • Export to LogTen Pro X(iOS only)
  • Share Roster with Friends
  • Personalized Friends List
  • Maximum Friends Display set to 30
  • Premium Support
  • Discounted Rate

The Free version of the app features the following products:

  • Advertisements
  • Export to Calendar
  • Export to LogTen Pro X (iOS only)
  • Share Roster with Friends
  • Maximum Friends Display set to 5
  • Support via e-Mail


Your iTunes or Play Store Account will be charged upon confirmation of purchase. SkyCrew does not access or store any payment details provided by users. To subscribe, select a Premium Account plan, click “Subscribe,” and enter your payment details. A contract is formed only after iTunes/Play Store confirms the purchase.


Subscriptions are designed with an expiration timeline and are set to renew automatically 24 hours before the current subscription period ends, with the renewal fee charged to your iTunes or Play Store Account. For details on how to cancel this automatic renewal feature, please refer to the FAQ section located on the Settings page. It's important to manage this setting at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period to avoid unintended charges.


If you wish to upgrade from “Free” to “Premium”, you may do so at any time within your SHOP page within the App. Your new subscription plan will start after your payment has been processed and your new plan will be activated immediately, irrespective of any remaining time on your old “Premium” plan. We cannot offer you any refund for your old “Premium” plan, but if you upgrade your yearly plan, we may offer you a discount depending on the remaining time on your previous plan.


We may occasionally need to change the features of our Premium Accounts and/or change the prices charged for these accounts. In the event of any increase in the price or material reduction in the features of any Premium Account to which you subscribe, we will communicate these change(s) to you at least six (4) weeks in advance and the changes will only take effect with respect to any subsequent renewal of your subscription.


If at anytime you decide to withdraw from this contract, please note that all reimbursements are handled by iTunes or Play Store. Following receipt of your notice of withdrawal, SkyCrew will downgrade your Premium Account to a Free account and any content in your account that exceeds the content limits for a free account. Only the basic features and products will then be shown in your profile, as listed above. You will still be able to subscribe to a premium plan at anytime of your choosing.

If you wish to delete your account altogether, you can do this from your Settings page within the App. SkyCrew does not retain any personal information related to your account.

Last amended: 11 February 2024