SkyCrew Terms of Use


These SkyCrew Terms of Use (the “SkyCrew Terms”) are in addition to, and are part of and are governed by, the SkyCrew Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use”) together with our Community Guidelines and any other terms specifically referred to in any of those documents (“the Documents”) and they are supported by our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. In the event of a conflict between these SkyCrew Premium Terms and the Terms of Use, these SkyCrew Premium Terms shall control only with respect to your use of SkyCrew Premiums. Capitalized terms used in these SkyCrew Premium Terms not specifically defined in these SkyCrew Premium Terms, shall have the meanings given to the applicable capitalized terms in the Terms of Use.

Certain features of the App are only available to registered users who subscribe for a “Premium” account. Below, you’ll find a few additional terms that apply to the Premium Account, including, amongst other things, terms relating to payment, the conclusion and renewal of your contract, and certain technical usage limitations. Please note that your payment information is provided directly to iTunes Store whose use of your personal information is governed by their Privacy Policy.


The following list describes the content of our services, as well as the price for each time unit. A detailed description of our Premium accounts, including the prices and the features associated with each type of account, is also available on the More page in our SkyCrew app. All prices include VAT or other sales tax where applicable as per the terms and conditions set by iTunes Store.

The prices for the paid subscriptions are subject to regulatory conversion rates based on the country of the user, and are as follows:

  • One month for $4.99
  • Three months for $13.99 (regular $14.97)
  • Six months for $26.99 (regular $29.94)
  • Twelve months for $50.99 (regular $59.88)

Each of these paid units features the following products:

  • No advertisement
  • Roster Update Priority
  • Export to Calendar
  • Export to LogTen Pro X(iOS only)
  • Share Roster with Friends
  • Personalized Friends List
  • Maximum Friends Display set to 20
  • Premium Support
  • Discounted Rate

The Free version of the app features the following products:

  • Advertisements
  • Export to Calendar
  • Export to LogTen Pro X (iOS only)
  • Share Roster with Friends
  • Maximum Friends Display set to 5
  • Support via e-Mail



Upon confirmation of your purchase your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account. SkyCrew does not retain any information about this process nor is it able to read the information introduced by the user. Simply select the Premium Account you want to purchase from the Premium Accounts page and then click the ”Subscribe” button. Selecting a plan and submitting your payment information is an offer to conclude a contract. The contract itself is concluded only when receiving confirmation of purchase from iTunes Store.


Depending on the subscription plan you choose to purchase, this will have an expiration date. To ensure a smooth continuity of the services you purchase, your plan is automatically renewed 24 hours before the expiration of your subscription period. Your iTunes Account will then be billed automatically and an email with the receipt sent to your email address. This action is then canceled if the auto-renew option is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. This can be done by going to More page on the SkyCrew app and canceling the subscription service.


If you wish to upgrade from “Free” to “Premium”, you may do so at any time within your More page within the App. Your new subscription plan will start after your payment has been processed and your new plan will be activated immediately, irrespective of any remaining time on your old “Premium” plan. We cannot offer you any refund for your old “Premium” plan, but if you upgrade your yearly plan, we may offer you a discount depending on the remaining time on your previous plan.



We may occasionally need to change the features of our Premium Accounts and/or change the prices charged for these accounts. In the event of any increase in the price or material reduction in the features of any Premium Account to which you subscribe, we will communicate these change(s) to you at least six (4) weeks in advance and the changes will only take effect with respect to any subsequent renewal of your subscription.


If at anytime you decide to withdraw from this contract, please note that all reimbursements are handled by iTunes Store. Following receipt of your notice of withdrawal, SkyCrew will downgrade your Premium Account to a Free account and any Content in your account that exceeds the content limits for a free account. Only the basic features and products will then be shown in your profile, as listed above. You will still be able to subscribe to a premium plan at anytime of your choosing.

If you wish to delete your account altogether, you can do this from your More page within the App.

Last amended: 10 November 2022